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Time is of the essence.

Your TV viewers want to share, comment and view what they saw on television immediately. Imagine how disappointed they are when it isn’t online. Don’t lose the moment! You have to deliver your TV content to the digital world with the speed of light. This is only possible with TV2Web.

Sports and Highlights

A football game is on. The excited viewers watch it with their phones besides them. Whether it is a goal or an unfair referee decision or statistics of the game, they want to comment, share and interact on your digital platform. Your highlights of these situations needs to be online as soon as possible. If you lose the moment, hundreds of thousands of viewers will move to the next attention-grabbing situation. Being late with seconds will cost you lost revenue. Don’t waste it! Consider using TV2Web.

Breaking News

Be the first in online news!

Your news feed must be up to date. Actually, up to date is not enough. The audience needs it up to the second. Online publishing of your newscast with TV2Web makes you the most competitive source in online news with video. 

Live TV Shows

Whether it is a singing contest, a live cooking show or a premium TV format, viewers want to vote, share and comment on your content. Their desire to do that vanishes with time. Don’t deprive them of the opportunity to interact with your premium content by wasting time! You can deliver quickly your live TV content online with TV2Web.

VoD libraries with your TV shows can be updated in real-time. Maximize the revenue and minimize the cost of re-purposing. 


  • The standard re-purposing process
  • The innovative TV2Web workflow
  • Quick export and publishing
  • Efficient search and archiving
  • External data facilitating the workflow
  • Resiliency
  • The best cost efficiency.

Typically the sharing online of TV content is a tedious job, requiring special software and hardware.

Usually after the recording, the video and content editors extract all the interesting moments, export and upload them to FTP. The material is encoded for web and all devices. Then is enriched with metadata and uploaded to the website. 
TV2Web does all this while the live TV broadcast is still going and it does it with up to 10 times faster than real time. For example, a 20-minute news feed takes only 2 minutes to be extracted, encoded and uploaded online. Or for the previous example with the football goal just a few seconds ago – faster than you can open the media site.

And all of this is done through a standard web browser from anywhere, from any computer or even a tablet. No matter where you are and no special software is required. At the same time you and your team  can access the archive, create, edit and export video clips.

The perfect compliance recorder

In order to comply with regulatory requirements, and also to easily export content, TV broadcasters must record their content with a built-in timecode and to keep it available for a certain period of time. This is usually done on tapes or backup devices – a cumbersome, expensive and complicated approach. Еspecially when you have to find a record with a fixed date and time.

TV2Web offers you web compliance recording with full HD broadcastsframe accurate, quick access and retrieval of recorded content.

In a few seconds you can monitor the program in live mode or find your archived video content and export it.

Pricing plans

1 channel

1000/per month
1 week of HQ recording
1 month of LQ recording
2 simultaneous jobs

2-5 channels

3000/per month
1 week HQ recording per channel
1 month LQ recording per channel
6 simultaneous jobs

5+ channels

500/per channel per month
2 weeks of HQ recording
3 months of LQ recording
3 simultaneous jobs per channel

Our TV2Web solution is offer as a service and as a standalone product as well.

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